Stuffed Cabbage with Chili Beans – (Csilis babbal töltött káposzta)

Stuffed Cabbage with Chili Beans - (Csilis babbal töltött káposzta)
Ingredients: serves 10
3 1/2 oz/10 dkg smoked bacon, 2 tablespon oil, 3 onions (9 oz/25 dkg), 7 oz/20 dkg smoked chuck, 7 oz/20 dkg smoked ham hocks, 3.3 lb/1 1/2 kg boned ham, hocks with rind (not smoked), 2 tablespon quality paprika, about 1 teaspoon salt,
1 level teaspoon “Strong Steven” hot cherry pepper paste or hot Red Gold, 1 tablespon Sweet Ann or
mild Red Gold, 5 cloves garlic (garlic cream), 5 1/2 lbs/2 1/2 kg sauerkraut, 9 oz/25 dkg pepperoni style smoked sausage, 12 1/2 oz/35 dkg
each, canned kidney and navy beans
Filling: 3 1/2 oz/10 dkg sour cabbage leaves, 24 1/2 oz/70 dkg ground pork, 3 1/2 oz/10 dkg smoked chuck, 3 1/2 oz/10 dkg smoked ham hock, 1 egg
6 tablespon rice, 5 1/4 oz/15 dkg each, canned
kidney and navy beans, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 medium onion (1 teaspoon onion cream), 3 cloves garlic (1 teaspoon garlic cream), 1/2 teaspoon dill weed, 1 teaspoon savory, 1 teaspoon quality paprika, 1 teaspoon Univer Strong Steven or hot Red Gold hot cherry pepper paste

Start out by making a good base of ham hock pörkölt (stew). In a large pot or cauldron (over an open fire – Trans.) fry the bacon, diced small, in the oil, and quickly pass the finely minced onions through it. Dice the smoked ham hocks and smoked chuck into medium-sized cubes (3/4”/2 cm) and stir into the onions. Dice the ham hocks, rind and all, into 3/4”-1”/2-2 1/2 cm cubes, add it also to the onions. Stirring frequently, brown/stew these for 10 minutes.
Remove from heat and season with
paprika. Pour in 171/2 oz/5 dl water
and put it back to cook. Salt, season
with “Strong Steven” hot cherry pepper paste, Sweet Ann, and the crushed garlic. Once the juices have come to a boil, cover and continue to cook on low heat while you prepare the cabbage. Taste the cabbage and if it is either too sour or too salty, rinse it a little first. Cut out or pare down the thick vein from the center of the leaves because this is the only way you can stuff them. Mix the ground meat thoroughly with the small cubes of smoked chuck and ham hock, the rinsed raw rice, and the
two kinds of canned beans, drained thoroughly. Season with the onions and garlic, minced very fine, a little dill, all the more of the savory paprika, and fire up with Strong Steven. You only need to salt lightly since the meats are already salted. Use this delicious spicy meat and bean mixture to stuff the cabbage leaves in the usual manner, tucking in the ends and rolling and pressing then into a bundle. Place the stuffed cabbages on top of the nearly tender ham hock pörkölt, remove the casing from the sausage and slice it into rounds over the cabbage, cover with the sauerkraut. Add enough water to cover, about 2 qt/lt. Once the juices have come to a boil again, cover, and cook until tender on low heat for about 1 1/2 hours. Shake the pot or cauldron while simmering so the food cooks evenly. Once everything has softened, add the two kinds of drained canned beans, stirring them in carefully not to break anything up. Cook a few minutes, if necessary adjust the seasoning. Serve so that
each plate has an equal amount of beans, cabbage, and sausage.

Preparation time: 3 hours
Calories per serving: 1281
Skill: Not easy to prepare