Venison (Pörkölt) Stew a la Hetényegyháza – (Őzpörkölt hetényegyházi módra)

Venison (Pörkölt) Stew a la Hetényegyháza - (Őzpörkölt hetényegyházi módra)

Ingredients: serves 4
3 1/2 oz/10 dkg smoked bacon, 2.2 lb/1 kg venison (rump or shoulder, or perhaps some other part suitable for stew), 10 1/2 oz/30 dkg onion, 1/3 oz/1 dkg pork lard or 3 1/2 oz/1 dl cooking oil, 1 tablespoon quality paprika, 1/2 of a knob celery about the size of a fist, 1 green pepper, 2-3 tablespoon bottled plain lecsó or 1 small pepper and 1 medium tomato (Lecsó is a staple in Hungarian cooking, made by sautéing then stewing peppers, tomatoes and onions in preferred proportions and seasoning with salt and liberal amounts of paprika. It is eaten as a main course by itself, with or without the addition of smoked bacon or sausage, as a cold salad, side dish, or used as an ingredient in other dishes, as in this recipe (see recipe separately). – Trans.), 2-3 cloves crushed garlic (1 teaspoon
garlic cream), 1/4 teaspoon ground caraway, 1 teaspoon food seasoning, 1/4 taspoon “Strong Steven” hot cherry pepper paste, 1-2 teaspoon goulash cream, 1-2 teaspoon mild Red Gold
(some of it may be hot), 1 small bay leaf, about 7 oz/2 dl not too bitter light beer, 3 1/2-5 1/4 oz/10-15 dkg mixed forest mushrooms (or champignons)

Dice the bacon small, the venison into about 1”/2 1/2 cm cubes, and mince the onions. Brown the bacon in the fat until crisp, then wilt the onions in it. Toss in the meat and stirring, brown until it turns white. Remove from the heat and dust with paprika. Add the knob celery, the finely minced paprika, as well as the slightly chopped up lecsó (pepper and tomato). Next, add the spices and seasonings in the order in which they appear in the ingredients. Put the pot back on the flame, continue to brown a few minutes, stirring, add the beer and stew for about 2 hours, covered, on very low heat. Should the juices evaporate during cooking, that is, if the meat gets down to its own rendered fat, replace the liquid with a little beer. Add the sliced mushrooms at the very end since they require only a few minutes to cook.

Preparation time: 2 1/2 hours
Calories per serving: 873
Skill: Easy to prepare