Spicy Chuck with Dried Fruit – (Fűszeres, aszalt gyümölcsös tarja)

Spicy Chuck with Dried Fruit - (Fűszeres, aszalt gyümölcsös tarja)
Ingredients serves 4:
1 3/4 lb/80 dkg boned pork shoulder, salt
Marinade: 1 tablespoon each (1/2 tablespoon dried) basil, thyme, marjoram, 2 teaspoon food seasoning, 2 tablespoon cooking oil, 3 1/2 oz/1 dl lightly salted soy sauce, 4 tablespoon cooking oil for baking
Sauce: 2 tablespoon cooking oil, 4 tablespoon
ketchup, 1-2 tablespoon honey
Layering: 7 oz/20 dkg each pitted prunes and dried apricots

Cut the meat into 8 equal slices, pound them lightly and rub them with salt. Make some incisions around the edges and sinews to prevent the meat from crinkling during baking. Mix together the marinade ingredients and coat the meat in it. Cover and place in the refrigerator overnight. Next day, after the meat has absorbed nearly all the marinade, heat the oil in a large skillet, drip off any marinade from the meat and fry them up quickly until nice and rosy. Drip off the juice and set the meat aside. Mix together the sauce ingredients. Using a casserole dish or high-rimmed baking or crockery
pan, place four slices of meat on the bottom and cover with half the honey-ketchup sauce. Spread half the dried fruit over it followed again by the meat, sauce and dried fruit. Pour any remaining marinade over the top. Cover – if the pan has no cover of its own, use tin foil – and bake in a preheated medium oven (380°F/190°C; 340°F/170°C convection oven) for about 50-60 minutes. Serve as is, or accompanied with baguettes sliced at an angle, rice,
baked potatoes, or various salads.

Words of Wisdom
This dish is a true Polish specialty, worth trying using marinated rump steak, turkey breast or boned
chicken thigh.

Preparation time: 1 hour 20 minutes + marinade
Calories per serving: 873 (without side dishes)
Skill: Easy to prepare