East Texas Chili with Chocolate – (Kelet-texasi csokis csili)

East Texas Chili with Chocolate - (Kelet-texasi csokis csili)
Ingredients serves 4:
1 large onion, 2-3 tablespoon cooking oil, 17 1/2-21 oz/50-60 dkg ground beef, 1 clove garlic (1/2 teaspoon garlic paste), 1/2 teaspoon oregano, 1 level tablespoon quality paprika, 1/4 teaspoon ground caraway (or cumin), 1/2 teaspoon salt, 8 3/4 oz/2 1/2 dl pure tomato juice, 17 1/2 oz/50 dkg tomatoes, 1 teaspoon chili powder (1 teaspoon hot Red Gold or “Strong Steven” hot cherry pepper paste), 1 3/4 oz/5 dkg milk chocolate, 7 oz/2 dl water

Chop the onions fine and wilt them in the oil. Add the meat and stirring, cook 4-5 minutes. Season with the crushed garlic (garlic cream), oregano, paprika and caraway powder. Add salt and pour in the tomato juice. As soon as it comes to a boil, add the tomatoes, diced rather large, and the chili powder or paprika cream. Crumble the chocolate into the mixture, pour in the water, cover, and stew over low heat for about 45 minutes. Stir occasionally and if necessary replace any evaporated water.

Preparation time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Calories per serving: 455
Skill: Easy to prepare