Bandit’s Turkey Soup – (Pulykahúsos betyárleves)

Bandit’s Turkey Soup - (Pulykahúsos betyárleves)
Ingredients serves 4:
1 onion (or 1 tablespoon onion cream), 2-3 oz/6-8 dkg smoked bacon, 3 tablespoon cooking oil, 14 oz/40 dkg fillet of turkey breast or upper thigh, 9 oz/25 dkg mushrooms, 1 teaspoon quality paprika, 2 heaping tablespoon all-purpose flour, 1 1/2-1.4 qt/lt meat stock (may be bouillon cubes), 1 teaspoon each hot and mild Red Gold, 1/3 cup fresh dill leaves, salt

Peel and mince the onions, dice the bacon into small pieces. In a medium pot on medium, heat the oil, add the onions and bacon and fry up stirring about 3 minutes. If using onion cream, only add at the end. Dice the meat into 1/2”/1 cm cubes, and slice the cleaned mushrooms. Add both to the pot and stirring on high heat, fry for about 10 minutes. Dust with paprika and flour, blending together for about 1 minute. Add the soup stock. Stir once or twice and bring to a boil. Season with the two kinds of paprika cream. Continue cooking low 10 minutes, if using upper thigh, 25 minutes. Adjust seasoning if necessary and serve.

Can be prepared from fillet of chicken breast also.

Preparation time: 45 minutes
Calories per serving: 420
Skill: easy to prepare