Pickled Cucumber – (Kovászos uborka)

Pickled Cucumber -  (Kovászos uborka)
Ingredients (for a 3 quart jar):
3 lb cucumbers (or zucchini), 2 bunches of dill, 6 cloves (1 head) of garlic, 2 quarts of water, 4 level teaspoons salt, 1 slice of white bread

Wash – with a brush – the cucumbers. Cut 1/2” off the ends, make an incision along the length. On occasion, the cucumber turns out to be sour: the only way to know is to taste them, one by one. (Try a small piece, or lick the end you cut off.) If sour, cut off another inch or so, and again until no sour taste remains. Wash the dill, drain well. Peel the garlic, take the cloves apart. If using fresh garlic, rather than taking it apart cut into thin slices after having peeled it. Wash the jar thoroughly. Place half of the dill in the bottom, arrange the cucumbers vertically, inserting the garlic in between as well. Bring the water to a boil, add the salt. Pull to the side. Try to fit the slice of bread into the jar – if too big cut in two. Toast it and place it on top of the cucumbers. Even better if placed into a cloth sac: this will prevent it from falling apart. Pour on the hot salty water until even the bread is submerged. Cover with a small plate. Place on a sunny spot and marinade it for 3-4 days, turning the jar occasionally. After opening it, keep the cucumber refrigerated, otherwise it will spoil. Best if you place the cucumbers in another, lidded, jar, strain the juice on top, close the lid and keep refrigerated.

Preparation time: 30 minutes + marinading
One serving: 1292 kJ/309 kcal