Pepper and Tomato Stew – (Lecsó)

Pepper and Tomato Stew  -  (Lecsó)
4 scant cups of tomato, 1 large red onion, 4 tablespoons oil, 2 teaspoons sweet paprika, 1 teaspoon salt, 2 lb green peppers, 1/2 teaspoon hot paprika paste
to finish:
eggs, rice if desired

Wash the tomatoes, remove the stems. Make incision at the top of each. Carefully sink them into boiling water, pull the pot to the side and let it sit for 1/2 minute. Drain and remove the skins, cut into small cubes. Removing the skins is an arduous task: if the skin is thin or you are not bothered by its curly little bits in the lecsó, leave it on. Peel and finely chop the onion. Sauté in the oil over medium heat until golden brown, pull to the side and stir in the paprika. Add the tomato cubes immediately to prevent the paprika from burning. Add a bit of salt, then cook over low heat for 20 minutes. Add a bit of water if necessary. It is done when the tomato and the onion cook into a thick paste. In the meantime, remove the stems of the peppers, cut into cubes – or round slices. Add to the tomato paste, salt again and cook, over low heat, for another 20 minutes until tender. Do not cover: in the steam the skin of the peppers would detach. Stir occasionally. Finish by adding some hot paprika paste.
Another way to prepare this basic dish is to sauté the thinly sliced onions first over high heat, sprinkling with the paprika. Add the sliced peppers next. Stirring, cook for 6-7 minutes (no lid or salt), until half tender. Add the sliced tomatoes, preferably without the skin. Add some salt and cook over high heat until all the liquids evaporate. This type of lecsó is usually prepared with eggs: beat the eggs in a separate bowl, then pour it on the vegetables. Cook and stir until it solidifies a bit.
For a quick lecsó add the tomatoes and the peppers to the sautéed onions at the same time. Add some salt, paprika and hot cherry pepper paste. Cook, stirring for 20 minutes. You can add with the spices 4 tablespoons of washed rice as well. Cook, covered. Add some water if the tomato is not juicy enough.

Preparation time: 35 minutes
One serving: 1310 kJ/313 kcal