Stuffed Chicken as in Gödöllő – (Gödöllői töltött csirke)

Stuffed Chicken as in Gödöllő  -  (Gödöllői töltött csirke)
2 oz smoked bacon, 1 small red onion, 5 oz mushrooms, 5 oz chicken liver, 1 bunch of parsley, 4 bread rolls, 2 eggs, 3 tablespoons fine breadcrumbs, salt, ground black pepper, 4 oz steamed peas, 1 prepared chicken or 4 large thighs, 2-3 tablespoons oil, 1/2 teaspoon tomato paste, 1 teaspoon flour

Cube and melt the bacon until glassy. Peel and chop finely the onion. Also peel and cube the mushrooms together with the liver. Sauté the onion first on the bacon, then add the mushroom and the liver. Pull aside and sprinkle with the finely chopped parsley. Soak the rolls in cold water, squeeze and mince. Mix with the mushroom mixture, the eggs and breadcrumbs. Add salt and pepper to taste, finally, stir in the peas as well. Rub the chicken with salt. Carefully loosen the skin with your finger, and stuff the resulting cavity with the bread mixture. (Use a pastry bag without the head.) Arrange the chicken in a casserole, add a little bit of water. Bake in an oven over medium heat (355 °F, 330 °F in air-convector ovens) for about 1 hour, frequently basting with its juices. Remove the meat from the casserole, and let it rest for a short while. Pour the remaining juices into a pan. Add the tomato paste and flour. Stirring, boil for 1-2 minutes, thin it with some water if needed, then strain it. Before serving, cut the whole chicken into 4 pieces – leave the thighs whole – and pour on the roast sauce. Serve with steamed rice and fried potatoes.

Preparation time: 2 hours
One serving: 2818 kJ/674 kcal